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Studio Policies


Attendance & Scheduling


You are expected to show up for all sessions to assure improvement and excellent learning outcomes (4 Wednesdays/month means 4 lessons!). If you can't make it due to conflict or sickness, it is your responsibility to reschedule that lesson directly on my online calendar. 

While I'd be happy to offer an alternate time in my regular teaching schedule, any rescheduling is based on availability and is not guaranteed. 

Rescheduling must be as close as possible to the missed lesson or within the same month. 

All lessons are accountable for, any missed lesson will be forfeited if not rescheduled. No credit or refund for the following month. 

Same day cancellations and no-shows due to sports events or others will not be rescheduled.


Statutory holidays will be dealt with on a case by case basis. 

The studio may not be closing for Spring Break due to lack of coordination with the different school districts; rescheduling will be in effect.



If you decide to discontinue your lessons for a month, I may not be able to hold your assigned time for you and may be offering that time to someone else if requested. If you wish to take some time off but keep your time slot, you will be required to keep paying for that time and reschedule your lessons in order for me to keep your spot.

Please, provide 2 weeks written notice if you decide to withdraw from lessons or make sure to let me know before the invoice is sent to you (second last week of the month).

No credits or refunds will be issued for withdrawals mid-month.

Weather Conditions


If the weather conditions are not favorable in the winter months, check out the studio Facebook page for updates and/or contact me by email if not sure. If the studio is closed, rescheduling will be offered when possible; if not, credits will be issued. If the studio is open but you choose not to come to your lesson, it is your responsibility to reschedule your lesson online if you wish to do so, or switch to an online lesson. 

Again, rescheduling is based on availability and is not guaranteed.



All lessons are scheduled and paid for on a monthly basis. An invoice (one for lessons, one for material if any) will be sent to you on the second last week of the month and payment for the coming month is due on your last lesson of the month. 

Only one week late payment will be tolerated in order to go on with the lessons. 

If you fail to send your payment on time, electronic payment will be required.

Once scheduled and paid for, no credits or refunds will be issued. 

All lessons are accountable for, any missed lesson will be forfeited if not rescheduled within the same month. 

Same day cancellations and no-shows due to sports events or others will not be rescheduled.


Payments accepted: 

At the Studio: exact cash, cheques ($25 fee will be charged for NSF cheques), debit and credit cards through Square (service fee).

Online: E-Transfer (preferred) and credit card through Square.



You will need a binder to keep your music, song list, words, etc... You are expected to bring that binder with you at all lessons.

Music sheets will be emailed to you and you are in charge of printing out words/music for your songs.

You can also use a regular size tablet or iPad (not mini, no cell phone please!).


I do offer the possibility to record your lessons, piano accompaniment, etc... Please bring your own recording device (cell phone), or piano accompaniment can also be emailed directly to you.


From time to time, we will be looking for new music which can sometimes be purchased online (usually from $3.99 to $7.50 US). If you allow me to purchase music during lessons to allow us to work on new material quickly, this will have to be repaid at the following lesson or with next month's fees.


Please, turn off cell phones, alarms, or anything that beeps while in a lesson!

Studio News & Activities


Ways to keep in touch and stay informed about Studio activities:

  • the website for general Studio information,

  • keep an eye for notices posted on my door regularly for classes, workshops, articles, etc...

  • don't forget to "like" the Studio on Facebook: yanik giroux performing arts studio, for most recent updates on performances, events, auditions, weather, etc...


Students are strongly encouraged to participate in concerts and other performing opportunities offered by the Studio as part of their training.

Waiver: I certify that I am the above named student or parent and/or legal guardian of the above named student and give permission for the student to participate in the activities of YGPAS. I further, for myself and my child, hold harmless the owners, instructors and staff of YGPAS from any injuries that may arise from participation, or from any lost, stolen or damaged personal property incurred during any participation. I authorize any representative of YGPAS to obtain any emergency medical treatment deemed necessary for the student.

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