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The studio is not an open public space, but rather a personal service space. Access is limited to students who come in for one-on-one coachings, at a specific time and by appointment only. It remains a safe space.


There are no gatherings at the studio, no group classes and no shared spaces; nobody else has access to the space.


1) The large work area allows for great social distancing; students will remain in the designated area in front of the big window (grey area rug is your space!), allowing 12 feet of distance between teacher and student.


2) I routinely wipe down the music stand, counter and door handles between each student. If you are not sure the music stand has been cleaned for you, ask!


3) Whenever the weather allows, the door and/or window will remain open to allow good ventilation throughout the studio. When not possible, the ventilation system will run routinely throughout the day.


4) You can always wash your hands in the washroom; hand sanitizer is readily available.


5) When in-person lessons are happening back to back, students will enter through the wait room and exit through the studio. You won't be meeting or in close proximity with anybody else. Parents are encouraged not to wait in the waiting room, but rather wait in the car or use lesson time for errands around the corner :)


6) Please bring your music binder (books cannot be shared if you forget!), pencil and your own water bottle. You are still welcome to refill from the water dispenser.


7) Contact tracing, should the need arise, can easily be done through my teaching schedule.


8) Finally, if you are sick or have any symptoms, you will stay home; you can switch your coaching to an online session or reschedule on my website.


Let’s stay safe and keep singing!

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