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Singing Teacher / Voice Coach / Accompanist

Come sing with me!

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"The act of making Art exposes a society to itself"

The creative process can be a fun, challenging and daring one; it takes us out of the comfort zone and pushes us to explore the possibilities. It starts from the seed of a simple idea or desire and leads us down a path of learning about ourselves and growth. It is about the journey, the discoveries, the challenges and the creation of something (or someone?) new.

The creative process is an essential part of who we are, sometimes silenced, forgotten or lost in the middle of all the noise around us . We must cultivate it. 

There is more than one way to be creative and I strive to stay creative in everything I do and strive to help my students in discovering their own talents and creativity.

We can all be creative in our own way and we must find the best way to share this gift; mine is through music, connection, the sharing of stories and my passion for the performing arts.

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